Please contact the Attorney General (see address below) if you have had problems with International Events, 6173 S. Rainbow Blvd Suite 100,Las Vegas.

(They also may show an address on Lindell Avenue and the company was previously known as Itravel). A Sales Representative will contact you stating they offer discounts on hotel rooms for tradeshow attendees and exhibitors. DO NOT use their services.

This company's merchant account has been shut down multiple times because customer complaints and chargebacks. The company will then obtain other merchant accounts.

They also push for cash payments by offering customers a 5% discount, as there is no recourse for the consumer who pays by check. Your money upfront gives the company owners money to use at their discretion. Large numbers of customers have been stuck with no hotel rooms because they were not paid for by International Events or the customer had to pay for their rooms at the hotel because there was no payment. Where did the money go if the customer pays in advance and why weren't the rooms paid for?

--Because the owners want to use the money .... 75% of the staff has left because the company did not provide their customers with the services they paid for -- and suspect fraudulent activities.

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3 rooms were to have been booked in Anaheim California, all prepaid. When we showed up, no rooms reserved and we had to repay.

Emailed Jason Hearne who promised a repayment.

that was in April 2011. no money as of yet and won't return my emails or calls.


As of February 23, 2012, the Attorney General has sent out letters to individuals that filed a complaint. In the letter it states that the Attorney General is not filing an criminal charges against the company as IEP has been giving refunds to consumers/customers that were due refunds.

If you are due a refund, contact IEP. If you have tried to get a refund and have not, contact the Attorney General (of Nevada) again so that they know whether IEP is following up on what they said they would do for their customers. Employees and companies had complained they didn't have rooms when confirmed or not paid for, but the Attorney General will not files charges against IEP.

The reason they won't is because if they do, IEP will file for bankruptcy and no refunds will be given to anyone. If IEP is still operating, do not book reservations with them as you could run into this situation again in the future.


Please be aware that International Events, AKA, IEP Group, AKA IEP Inc; in the past, known as Itravel, is located on Rainbow Blvd in Las Vegas. The doors to this company were locked as of 1-16-12 with no notification to some employees that they would be closed.

It is rumored that they will open again under another name or possibly another address which they have done in the past. They also have another address listed on Lindell Road in Las Vegas, but that is their old address. They continue to use this address on letter head or on other websites so please be aware of those as well. This company had changed their name from Itravel to International Events due to customer complaints (see Itravel at BBB website) and may change their name again.

The vice president of the company, Jason T. Hearne (also wife, listed as owner-Vanessa Hearne) and Director of Sales, Tony Carey along with other employees continue to use the same business model of soliciting companies over the phone to offer wholesale/discounted rates for hotel rooms for Tradeshows in cities Worldwide with the policy of paying for the rooms upfront "to get the best rate." They also continue to hire sales representatives because the majority of sales representatives left the company (because the employees found out that consumers were not getting the products and services they paid for). They continue to hire new representatives because new representatives are unsuspecting at first. There has been almost 100% turnover in staff since the beginning of 2011, with only a few left.

It is presumed that the employees that remain know of the companies mode of operation and are getting some sort of kickback or payout from the company to continue to work there.

There have been multiple complaints (see BBB website under International Events) from consumers that International Events does not pay for the rooms or do not confirm the reservation. Thus when the consumer gets to the hotel, the rooms have either been cancelled or not paid for. The company has used excuses such as their wholesaler went out of business, or that the company was facing financial difficulties and could not honor their obligations to hotels.

Also, attempts to get refunds have been unsuccessful.

Until they are stopped by authorities, they will continue to run their business this way, presuming to take the money and doing something with it (rumored land purchases, vacations, off shore accounts, homes etc) Employees and Customers have had complaints into the Attorney General since September of 2011. At this point there has been no action taken by the Attorney General.


Lelaini Trinidad, Delaina Goodloe, Jason Hearne, Dena Wolfendale ARE THIEVES! International Events Group / IEP Group will STEAL YOUR MONEY.

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